Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in London Ontario

93% of Online Experiences Begin with a Search Engine & 75% of People Never Scroll Past the First Page of Search Results

Have you ever searched Google for products you offer and wonder “How did my competitors get to rank so high in the results?” Well, it was not by luck! It was because of Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short. In simple terms, Google trusts those websites enough to recommend them to users when certain keywords are typed into the search bar. That is where we come in. We have built strategies through years of experience that show Google your site is worthy of those much-desired page 1 placements. With Dezan Social Media, you not only get professional SEO on the back end, but you will also receive 4 blog posts per month published right on your website! It is our way of showing you that we are putting the time in to get you where you want to be, page 1 of Google!

Why Is SEO Important?

It might sound like a staggering fact, but there are a massive 3.5 billion Google searches performed each and every day. This means that, whatever you’re selling, whatever service you’re fulfilling, or product you’re distributing, the chances are that someone, somewhere, is searching for it. With those numbers, it would be almost impossible for that not to be the case.

Those numbers also mean that, even if your niche is an extremely specific one, there’s going to be plenty of competition. If you look at any particular Google search you perform, you’ll see how many results are on offer – it’s usually a seven-figure number.

Yet only a tiny percentage of the businesses that make up those seven figures worth of search results are ever seen; these are the ones at the top of the pile, the ones that make themselves noticed. The ones, in other words, that rank on the first page or two of Google. Everything else will generally be ignored.

SEO – search engine optimization – is all about ensuring that your website (and, by extension, your entire company) is one of those that are seen first. Getting your SEO right could well be the difference between success and failure. Read on to find out more about what it’s so important.

Only 9% Of Pages Are Visible In Google

Yes, you read that right. A massive 91% of all web pages are seemingly invisible to Google. In other words, they got absolutely no organic search traffic. As you can see, that 91% is an easy section to find yourself in, whereas that all-important 9% is much more challenging. Yet with SEO used correctly and consistently (another extremely important element to consider), you can be in that 9% and gain sales and recognition through it.

Organic traffic will come to your site when you have the right keywords placed throughout it. These keywords are what Google is going to pick up on, and if you have ones that people are searching for, you’ll be boosted up the rankings because, in Google’s eyes, your site is clearly going to be of interest.

To make the most of this chance, link building is also essential. If you can combine the right keywords with links to high authority sites, you can be sure of finding yourself a lot higher up the pecking order than many others who simply launch their websites and forget all about the crucial SEO factor.

SEO Helps To Convert Leads

Most of your prospects are going to look to Google when they have a problem that needs solving. Yet what they search for will be different depending on what stage of the buying process they are at. If they are just starting out and only know they have a problem but don’t know how to fix it, they will use different search terms to when they are more aware of how their problem can be solved, and they are simply narrowing down their choices.

This is useful to know, and it will help you to convert leads. This is because you can write content that appeals to prospects at every stage of their search, leading them towards your business as a solution to their issue no matter what stage they happen to be at.

Ranking strategically for all the different search stages of a prospect means that you have much more chance of turning that lead into a sale. You can even nurture your lead as you go, moving them slowly towards the solution you can offer if you feel this is something you feel would work best for you. This can all be achieved by SEO. Remember, around 92% of searches are for extremely specific results, so by getting in on this and creating content that speaks to these searches, you can start your sales process much sooner than a competitor who is only focusing on the main keyword associated with their business.

This can all be achieved by SEO. Remember, around 92% of searches are for extremely specific results, so by getting in on this and creating content that speaks to these searches, you can start your sales process much sooner than a competitor who is only focusing on the main keyword associated with their business.

Your Competition

If you aren’t at the top of Google’s results when someone searches for the product or service you sell, who is? Whoever it is, they are your competition. And, if they are at the top of Google’s results, they are implementing SEO in the right way. If you’re not even trying, if you’re just hoping that it all works out for the best and you’re not engaging with all the available SEO strategies, your competition is always going to win the customers that you would prefer to go to you.

Research from BrightEdge states that 51% of web traffic occurs through organic searching. This compares to just 5% from social media and 10% from paid searches and PPC campaigns. If you want to make a name for yourself, encouraging organic traffic (through the use of SEO) has to be the answer. When you also realize that this 51% of traffic generates 40% of all revenue, you’ll understand just what’s at stake by not bothering to get your SEO just right.

Paid Search Is Not Value For Money

You might think you can get all of this exposure and good Google rankings through paid searches. Although it costs more than working on your SEO, it’s also far less complicated, and you don’t even have to think about it – it’s a genuine set and forget type of situation.

So why wouldn’t you use paid search and not concentrate on your SEO to bring in more organic visitors to your website? Well, we’ve already mentioned the figures above; when it comes to organic searches, having good SEO means you can get 51% of your web traffic compared to the 10% that comes from paid.

Yet it’s not just about these figures (although they should definitely have some bearing). You’ll also need to think about the costs involved. SEO is cheaper, that’s one thing to keep in mind. Plus, when you break it all down, paid searches are just not very good value for money. People don’t like clicking on these paid ads, and the statistics state that paid searches, even if they are entirely relevant, only get 6% of clicks compared to the other Google listings.

If you want people to click through to your site, you need to rank highly on Google, and to do that, you need to utilize good SEO practices; that’s all there is to it.

How Do We Get Your Business onto Page 1 of Google?

Quality over quantity. That’s how we manage our client’s social media and it’s the same for Search Engine Optimization. We use QUALITY key words and links to ensure Google knows what you are all about and knows they can trust that your site will provide what the searcher is looking for. Simple right? Well not really, that is why we exist! Googles algorithm can be temperamental and is constantly changing what it wants to see. We stay on top of those changes and adapt your SEO strategy to not only get your business to page one, but to keep it there long term.

SEO is an important investment for your business and when done right, it can pay for itself. We have clients who have 100%-200% increases in website visits and sessions by moving from page 2 to page 1 with our SEO program (we can provide proof of this).

How Do We Get Started?

We begin with a free website audit to determine the state of your current SEO and what on site SEO issues would need to be fixed immediately. We then discuss with you the top 10 keywords or search terms you want to land on page 1 of Google with. At that time, we will provide you with a fair quote and when you give us the thumbs up, we begin to execute our plan! But that is not the last you’ll hear from us. We provide ongoing support & monthly reporting, so you are never left wondering what is going on behind the scenes. And remember, you will always see those weekly blogs on your site!

So, are you ready to start climbing the Google rankings? Contact us!


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