Social Media Management

78% of Businesses have Dedicated Teams for Managing their Social Media

Business owners all over the world are realizing how important a strong social media presence is to their bottom line and it’s not hard to see why. Over 80% of Canadians interact with a brand on social media in one way or another and they expect those businesses to interact back! We make sure that every comment, mention, share, review and question get’s answered in a professional and timely fashion so your current and future customers are never left waiting.

The Benefits of Having A Social Media Manager

If you run a small business – or a large one, come to that – and you do not have any kind of social media presence, you are missing out on a considerable number of potential sales. Without being on social media, how are customers going to find you? Even if you have a great website, if you lack social media accounts, you could be looked upon with suspicion, concern, or you might simply be bypassed for another business that has taken the time to create these accounts. Plus, since most adults have at least one social media account and they spend around two hours a day scrolling through them, if you are not there to catch their attention, are you really there at all?

Because that is the point; it takes time. It takes effort. It is another job on your to-do list that you just do not need. Yet did you know that you can hire an expert social media manager just like those at Dezan Social Media to take on the work involved in creating and maintaining these accounts for you? And why would you do that when you could do it yourself? Read on to find out.

A Professional Service

It is true, you can have an employee take on ownership of your social media accounts if you want to save yourself some time. And it can be incredibly useful to get some input from your team members about the kind of posts that should be used on your various social media channels. Yet there is a problem; if you want those posts to be noticed, perhaps even go viral, you are going to need some expertise in the matter.

Posting on social media for business is not the same as posting on social media for your personal use, and just because a team member happens to have several accounts or they use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram daily, that doesn’t mean they’re going to know how to post on your business account in such a way as to bring you more visitors, likes, views, and so on.

Only by hiring a professional social media manager like those at Dezan Social Media can you be sure that your posts are going to have the most impact possible. The posts will be scheduled carefully;’ they will be written in an SEO-friendly way; they will be engaging and informative. Plus, we can create an ongoing strategic plan to ensure that your social media pages are always populated with fresh, new content that engages and excites.

Without this experience, any time or effort that goes into posting on social media for your business could be time wasted, and, when time is money, this is not something you can afford to do.

Give Yourself Time

Perhaps you are the only person working in your business. Perhaps you are the one who has taken on the mantle of social media manager. How much time does posting, engaging with potential customers, answering queries, and working out which keywords and topics are going to get you the most reach take each day? Because, and this should never be forgotten, this is something you will need to continue to do seven days a week; there is no downtime when it comes to social media.

The answer is that this will take you at least an hour, and probably more, every day. If you are also taking the time to respond to queries and help customers, it’s going to take a lot more time. This is why social media management is a full-time job; it’s why Dezan Social Media is here to help you.

Imagine how much time you could free up if you had a professional take on these tasks for you. What would you do with those extra hours in the day? You could certainly work on your business, knowing that your social media was well taken care of.


You might be thinking that you can allocate your social media tasks to anyone in your company (or family) who has the time to post something or who has five minutes to check the social media feeds and notifications and respond to customers’ questions or feedback. You might be wondering why, if anyone can log on and post or respond, a professional is needed at all.

The reality is that if many different people are posting on your social media feed, there can be issues, and they all revolve around consistency. When you let anyone and everyone use your business’s social media, you might find that no one posts at all, assuming that someone else will – this can be very frustrating to a potential customer who finds your page but sees that no one has posted for weeks or even months. Are they going to take the time to find out if you’re still in business, or are they going to move on to a competitor? It’s likely to be the second option.

Plus, if many different people are posting, the tone is always going to be different. This can be confusing for customers who might find that they are treated in a warm, friendly manner one day and in a formal, corporate manner the next.

To keep things consistent and ensure there is always useful information on your feed or page, hiring an expert social media manager is the best thing you can do. Your customers will know you’re working, and they’ll be able to rely on the consistent tone of your business no matter when they engage with you.


It’s evident that having a social media manager has a wide range of different benefits that are going to help you boost your business to the next level – and keep it there. At Dezan Social Media, you can rest assured that our expert team can handle everything on your behalf, seven days a week. From posting, answering queries, customer engagement, and more, Dezan Social Media is your first and best choice when you need a social media manager (which, when you think of the benefits, you definitely do).

Social Media Management

Something that a lot of other agencies don’t manage is your day to day social media needs. We do! We provide Social Customer Service 7 days a week to answer all questions, comments, reviews, shares and mentions. Our complete management services include:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Curation
  • Schedule Posts
  • Copy-Writing
  • Strategies
  • Daily Engagement


Social Media Management

Let us take the stress of managing your profiles off your mind with full, 7 day a week social media management. Includes daily engagement, customer service, content creation & posts.


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